Towards the end of a recent talk I gave on rapport, I demonstrated some of the practical applications (for magic and magicians) of leading – the main reason for gaining rapport! These are suggestion and influence techniques that I use in my professional performances.

Ok so I’m not giving all my secrets away (I don’t give all my secrets away, not even in my book!) but I hope you do get the idea?

…cheers, John.

Ok, the sound is a little low in volume in the above clip… so I have added this short video to help ilistrate the ideas, hope it helps. This is my first bit of video editing taken from a talk I gave in 2008. Its a very rough edit of raw footage I hope it adds to the 2010 video…


  • Stewart says:

    Pity the sound was so low … made it almost impossible to hear what he was saying

  • Tom says:

    sound was a little quiet, but great content though… I had to watch it a couple of times to really get it. very interesting, will be trying this tonight:)

  • Doug says:

    I tried this yesterday at my gig. I used your words and actions 12 times last night and it worked 5 times!

    It was awesome. the other times I just removed the card they named and did a signed card to wallet effect, but the 5 times it worked it was amazing. I pointed to the empty card box on the table that had the words 5 of hearts written on the inside card flap and they freaked out. Love it.

  • rudi says:


    Very clever!! I use some of this stuff in my magic shows, but just the basic as such. I had no problem with the sound on my side – I actually had to turn my sound down on the second one – haha


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