“My Friends”

August 12, 2010

This is a technique I use when I am performing close-up, to help gain a deep rapport with my audience.

You can use this technique (not with the coins, but by using a similar story), in any setting to help you gain rapport.

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  • Rene says:

    That is a great technique. Very sneaky.

    Thanks a whole lot.


  • Peter Wright says:

    Thanks John!
    Nice and subtle and covert enough!
    Its right up there with “You, like me, ….” as a conversational crowd puller.
    Will definitely use, because I, like you, know it works!”

    Best wishes,

  • Noblezada says:

    This is a very good technique, and a good example of what we call DHV (in the seduction arts).
    Any time you refer to talking about friends, going out, having drinks etc… This also subconsciously tells your audience that
    A. Your social and have fun
    B. You have friends that go out with you (you’re not a loner, loser etc.)
    C. You perform magic all the time, and are a professional, even when out socially.

    You can also substitute the word ‘friends’ for,

    1. “Girl I used to date.”
    2. XYZ company that I did a trade show for last week
    3. One of my business partners

    …pretty much whatever role you want to subconsciously put them in.

    Also, add events and situations that make you look like a champ! Like “One of girlfriends threw me a suprise birthday party!” That’s a good one.


    “Last week I did a trade show for ‘some very intelligent thinkers’ in the engineering field.” of course gesture appropriately…

    Great post and valuable lesson! My students will enjoy it!

  • John Vincent says:

    Hi Jay

    Thanks for the comment and for expanding the example into other areas…