The Psychic Punch

July 20, 2010

Today you can download an audio version of , The Psychic Punch or Kinaesthetic Illusion.

In this effect you seemingly place your spectator into a trance and with a few suggestions they are unable to open their eyes (they really are locked tight!), then after a few gestures you knock your volunteer over whilst standing 10 feet away, with The Psychic Punch!   This is a purely hypnotic, suggestion & Influence based effect.

It won’t cost you a penny, but you do have to pay for it. If you want to download The Psychic Punch you will need to Pay For It With A Tweet, (or Facebook post). Simply click on the button below. This offer has now gone. You can still get The Psychic Punch Audio when you buy my book The Art of Suggestion and Influence 21st March 2011


  • David says:

    John, thanks so much for posting this for free! Not sure why you aren’t charging for it?

    The information about trance and suggestion is great, I can see myself doing the ‘eyes stuck closed’ part of this effect in my close-up act.

    Great work, thanks again


  • Arnon says:

    I resent that you require me to “pay with a post” before I even see how worthwhile your “freebie” is.

    Until now, I’ve enjoyed your newsletter and website.

    Please don’t continue this practice.

    Arnon I. Sincoff
    Member of the CA & NY State Bars
    Magician Member of the Magic Castle

  • John Vincent says:

    Hi Arnon
    It’s not a “freebie”!
    The Psychic Punch is an effect that is in my book for sale. I will be placing this audio product for sale on my website at $9.99, (this was mentioned in my email). Before I add it to my site for sale, I thought I would offer it to all the subscriber of my newsletter at no monetary cost. However it does have value. Please feel free to wait until you can purchase the effect for $9.99 if you are not happy to ‘pay with a tweet’.

    I do give a lot of my work away for free on my blog (maybe too much!) and I also think it fair to charge for some of my work. In this day and age of social media, I (as do Innovative Thunder) recognise that facebook and twitter have a value. I value a post on either of these platforms at $9.99, others may say that a single post is not worth that high price, however I think it is. Like I say you are more than welcome to wait until I release The Psychic Punch and pay $9.99 for my effect.

    I hope you continue to enjoy my newsletter and free content.
    Best wishes

    John Vincent

  • Tom says:

    John, Thank you for the audio version of your outstanding effect/demonstration “The Psychic Punch” I also have your “text” version for this effect in your book.

    Now, all I need is a video. To read about or hear a description of an effect is instructive, but there is nothing like a video to drive home the point.

    I must admit I was intimidated by the Pay by Twitter and Pay by Facebook option until I explored it a little and realized that all that was wanted was a statement on my home page to the effect that I had downloaded the material in question. The wording “It won’t cost you a penny, but you do have to pay for it.” was especially confusing since I was unaware of the twitter and facebook options, and not sure what was required. It is not a recommendation or a review (how could I do that before listening?) but rather a simple statement that I had downloaded a copy.

    Thanks for making this available.


    PS: I like your voice very much, but as I am very hard-of-hearing, I would like it if you spoke louder and maybe even provided a text version of what you are saying. Also, you have recorded some videos in a noisy setting (outside, or inside where there are lots of hard surfaces). To find a very quiet place to make your recordings would aid in my being able to hear them first time through. Just a thought.

    Thanks again, John.


  • John says:

    John thanks for the audio, I was lucky enough to see you do this on video a while ago and Ill still buy the book when it comes out keep up the good work.
    Thanks John
    John Nice

  • This practice of inducing hypnosis quickly then gained a lot of popularity and is in fact still being used by hypnosis experts today. It was significantly improved by John Cerbone who is now known for popularising instant inductions. This method of instant hypnosis ensures that the subject goes under in just three to seven seconds. In developing this improved technique, Cerbone draws on a combination of all six methods to induce a hypnotic trance – confusion, boredom, eye fixation, shock, misdirection, and a loss of equilibrium.

  • Thanks for the information, I am a huge fan of Hypnosis and am looking into its uses on a more subliminal level. Good blog…wordpress I believe?