Some simple suggestion applications you can add to the beginning of your E.S.P card routine.

The key to these kind of suggestions techniques working is having a good level of rapport and most importantly leading your volunteer’s thoughts. When you ‘Lead’ charismaticaly and powerfuly enough, people will get into rapport with you.

With a good level of rapport, your volunteer focused on what your saying and doing and with you directing thier thoughts, these suggestion and anchoring techniques work reliably enough for performance.

Adapt them to fit your style and see how well they do indeed work.


  • Steve says:

    John, I thought of the star.
    The second time I watched it I could see what you were doing clearly, do you tone it down in performance or do all the other distractions around hide it?

  • Arnon says:

    What have been your percentages of hits for the 1st round and then the 2nd round?

    (My guess: around 75% and then only 33-1/3%).

    What about training your students to administer the two rounds to lots of people at busy locations, and then tally the results? (The busier, the better – people in a hurry wouldn’t have the time to ruminate about their choices, and would probably just go with what first occurs to them).

    I think an actual study would be very interesting, and perhaps the results “in practice” would turn out to be a bit counter to the results “in theory.” However the chips may fall, something could be gleaned from it. Perhaps a “de-briefing” session immediately after the 2 rounds would yield some useful information from the subjects.

  • francis says:

    Hi John !
    thanks for this good idea : clever and well prepared subliminal psychology. A good work to do indeed ! I’m gonna try it asap.
    Regards, Fantomas

  • John Vincent says:

    Hi Guys, many thanks for your comments.

    Hi Steve:
    That’s great:) The idea is to make it subtle (below the threshold of conscious awareness), when you have someone’s full attention and are leading them, this is easy.

    Hi Arnon:
    I hit with the star first time about 8/9 time out of 10, because I always make sure I have a real good rapport and am leading before I do it. The second time, about 4/5 times out of ten, but if I miss at any stage, I simply go straight into my main routine and no one ever knows I missed.

    Hi Francis:
    Many thanks for your comment. I have some more idea with ESP cards that I might share if it’s a popular topic. I hope you have fun with it.