How you make experiences really amazing, is to lead people’s thought’s, but first you need to gain rapport with them…

Here is a great technique for gaining rapport very quickly.

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  • This really works. The shift in energy in yourself and in the other person is then reinforced with the handshake and smile. This technique is a valuable tool for those awkward meet and greets – plus many others…

  • Yes it works. I’ve been testing it out on the street with people I just walked past. In a couple of seconds I create rapport with them by smiling at them as if I knew them, and then walk past. It’s amazing to see their quizzical look and their smile.

  • John Vincent says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the comments… it is a great technique and so easy to do. The simple act of smiling is very powerful, it releases the happy chemicals in your brain and it also releases them in the person who sees the smile and then reciprocates… When used in the technique it creates surprising results. Glad you like it 🙂

  • That was a great video! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!

  • jr says:

    Thanks very on the spot technique, come to think of it, I’VE EXPIRENCED THIS BEFORE, before even seeing your video, I know it works, it’s a very unique feeling. Jr. Hughes

  • Tom says:

    Just a word of caution, though. Be sure at whom you’re smiling. I was in a restaurant, and thought I saw someone I knew come in. I smiled like I had known them all my life. I thought I had. Then the stranger at whom I smiled came up to me and gave me a big kiss on the lips. NOT EXPECTED and not really welcome either since this kissing stranger was another man!!!

    I guess I have a radient smile. (sigh)

  • Rap Songs says:

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  • separate says:

    Great post! This information has proved invaluable to me and has broadened my horizons and will have great impacts on the knowledge of the global world!

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  • […] John has done a brilliant job of bringing to life and explaining this rapport drill. The video is only six minutes long and if you spend another six minutes using the drill a couple of times during the day it will become automatic. This is a real simple device to turn you rapport dial all the way up to eleven. Here is the link to the Rapport Video. […]