Ambitious BELIEF

March 18, 2010

Hi, this is my first video, its called Ambitious Belief… its a linking piece I use between performing visual magic and moving into the mind reading, Mentalism, suggestion and influence and hypnosis stuff I perform in the second half of my parlour set. Its a strange one…


  • Simon says:

    John that’s odd!

    I mean it in the best possible way… I see what you mean about not for every situation, you wouldn’t want to do that table hopping having to pick up the cards.

    Love the thinking though, very unique


  • Oliver says:

    V interesting approach. I really like the non-show of the card at the end. It has a pleasing lack of resolution which will nag at their brain in a good way.

  • Uni-Que says:

    you could do a deck switch and let a solid deck of cards fall into the hands of the spectator
    leaving only the signed card in the hand
    for a wow ending

  • Den says:

    Beautiful framing! Great way to draw spectators into the effect by creating the psychological tug of war.

  • Ramesh jadugar says:

    Hello dear John Vincent! i like it very much… you done good work. your slight of hand amazing and at last without your voice(so effect able) this video did not complete……thanks

  • Nico Heinrich says:

    The actual effect, where the card rises to the top a few times is just a simple, boring ACR. But as it is just the “conditioning” for the strong, confusing climax, that makes people think about their beliefs, it’s acceptable. I don’t really like your handling, especially the pass. I don’t know if you made it that obvious, even a lay notices that “something” happens! Anyway, I love your thinking. It reminds me on an effect from Kentons book Mind Reading, where the spectators death is predicted with (face down) playing cards, but it is never shown, the cards are mixed back into the deck. I would suggest that for your presentation too! May I use it?

    Grüße aus Deutschland! 😉


  • Phil says:

    John I thought it was great, I agree with Simon that it’s stange but I really like it. It also leaves so many possibilities for a double climax, such as card in wallet,pocket or what ever. Thanks really got me thinking.


  • John says:

    Hi John,
    Great little trick as all your material is but you missed out the best bit…???…
    …you forgot to show us how it’s done LoL
    Thanks anyway.

  • don says:

    Impressed me – your sleights were smooth. Should be a nice transition to the mental portion of your presentation.