Customer Reviews:

Thank you for the follow-up. Love the effect.”

Solarzar Steven Dellaporta


"I just downloaded your TimeZone and I think it's genius!
The effect is simple, believable and amazing at the same time. I definitely will use it!"

Nico Heinrich. Germany


"Excellent work...simple, practical and ingenious thoughts...keep creating!"

Marios Sokratous. 
















You borrow a watch (or use your own), place it face down and step away from it. Then you tell your spectators that you can keep accurate time in your mind and know exactly to the second what the time will be whenever your volunteer looks at the watch. You then proceed to demonstrate this uncanny ability with all the flair of the most amazing magician on this planet.


You ask your volunteer to write down (or just name) any number between 1 and 60, lets say they name 16. You place the watch face down, step away from it and tell your volunteer that they can look at the watch whenever they like and that you will try and influence them to look at it exactly when the second hand is at 16 seconds past. Of course when they look at the watch the location of the second hand exactly matches the number they chose and your reputation grows... but there is more!


This time they secretly write down a number between 1 and 60 without showing it to you; let us say they write down 47. Again, you are able to influence them to look at the watch exactly at 47 seconds past.

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