The 4th Key Booktest


Have you ever dreamed of any of the following?

A book test that can fit in your pocket.
A book test which is fun to perform.
A book test that will allow you to describe so much more than a single  word.
A book test that will enable you to describe an image in your spectators mind.


Well dream no more! - The Fourth Key is the answer!

Based around a new age book of love spells the Fourth Key allows your spectator to open the book at any page and memorise a very simple spell. With no fishing whatsoever you will be able to describe the spell in full glorious detail!!

You can use the Fourth Key as a stand alone book test, as part of a one ahead routine or even to help you reveal the name of your spectator’s first love.

The Fourth Key is the ideal way to inject a solid piece of mind reading into your close up or stage act and by its very nature takes a light-hearted approach to the sometimes boring revelations of the standard think-of-a-word Book test.


Customer Reviews:


Hi John,

I received the 4th Key on Tuesday. Excellent!!

You have certainly done your research. The size is perfect, fits comfortably in my inside breast pocket.

The spells are excellent, what a wonderful method, clever and beautifully disguised in an attractive book. From a distance the cover looks like part of the 'Twilight Saga' books, that are popular. 

'Learn in minutes, perform for ever!'. Although this comment is true in executing the effect, to truly perform this will take longer as your scripting is beautiful and your insight is worth studying.

This is an effect that I can see myself performing for a long time.

Again, thank you for this, a truly excellent piece of work 

Paul Sharp




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A booktest for less than £25!

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