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Would you like to dramatically improve your communication?

Do you ever feel like people don't really listen, or understand you?

Do you miss out on making sales or connecting with the right people?

Would you like people to become really interested in you & what you have to say?

If the answer is YES to any of those read on...



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If you would like to REALLY LEARN how to create powerful RAPPORT with anyone? A rapport so powerful that you can start leading their thoughts right away?
... If you are in sales, in business, the healing arts, the entertainment industry, or even just someone wanting to communicate better in relationships, then you have found what I believe to be a truly great resource.


In Sales: Increase your success offering the right product or service, reduce 'buyer's remorse', sell more and increase your bottom line.

In Business: Communicate your message more effectively so people understand you, become more motivated and respect you and your opinion. 

In The Healing Arts: Increase your effectiveness and longevity of the work you do by affecting people at a deeper level.

In Entertainment: Reach a larger percentage of your audience and entertain them, create moments of real magic in your performances. 

In Persuasion and Influence: Rapport creates the building block for success: gain more agreement and become more influential in your communication. 

In Every Relationship with people you meet you will become much more likable, become a leader and enhance your reputation. 


Learn how to influence and lead people with this unique daily training system.



Plus 'Rapport In One Easy Step' a fantastic easy to do rapport gaining technique.

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This daily system builds to over three hours of rapport skills and techniques available to you as a continuous learning reference library PLUS Pdf's, Audio's and Bonus Videos.


Each weekday your account will be updated with a new video. 
ach video is short and easy to watch, just three - five minutes long. 
Each video will explain a simple technique or skill, all you have to do is spend a few minutes watching the video, then go about your day. 
You simply incorpora
te what you have learned from the video into your communications that day. There is even a suggested exercise (that takes no extra time to do!) that you can use to really learn each new pattern or skill. 
Each of these patterns build upon the other to make you a RAPPORT MASTER.


Each day after you have watched your daily video you practice as you go about your day simply by watching and listening out for a certain type of phrase that people use, or watching for a particular gesture or piece of body language that people make. This can be the people you meet, see on TV. anywhere. You then work a certain phrase into your conversation that day and see what response you get, or you might perform some non-verbal action that helps build rapport and again notice the response you get. You simply listen out for certain 'markers' or 'tells' and then adjust your language or physical actions in response. It really is that easy with this system. Packaged in small chunks and taught in this unique way, day by day you will build a new skill set. As they start to fit together you will notice a paradigm shift in your behaviour and in the way people act towards you.



"Utterly brilliant"

John has brilliantly done all the hard work for you so you donít need to break the content down into small chunks. What he has created is utterly brilliant and very close to the way I would have liked to have done it.

Going through the program I noticed, despite being good at rapport my skills levels improved dramatically. This is because on a daily basis I was focusing on and practicing with just one rapport tool.

Doing this I discovered new ways of using those tools, some key distinction and have done some very focused practicing all of which has dramatically improved my overall rapport skills. I am starting to notice more and am finding new ways of stepping into the other personís shoes.

If you have not guessed I am very keen on Johnís course.


Rintu Basu,

Director The NLP Company

Author of The Persuasion Skills Black Book



Everything you will learn is easy to use, practical and you can implement it right away. 

I have put together what I believe to be the most comprehensive rapport package anywhere. Taught in this UNIQUE daily system for your ease and benefit, I am so confident that you will love it I am offering a full money back guarantee if your not completely happy.

But the offer I am making you today is even better than a full money back guarantee! 


Trial the program now for 7 days at only $1. After which (and only if you are happy to continue) you will receive a training video each weekday for a month plus bonuses for only $67. (This complete training package runs at 3 months). 

The daily training videos require Adobe Flash Player to view them; this is free to download from Adobe. If you can see the video above, you will be able to watch the daily training videos.

So if you are happy to part with just $1 then you can experience this unique rapport training and then make a decision you continue with it (I will even refund the $1 if you don't like it). Try it and I think you will be surprised, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!  


Yes, I am ready to receive the Rapport Master training system. Let me have access Now.


You learn better when you are in rapport with someone

You influence and persuade more elegantly when you are in rapport

You have more fun when you are in rapport!

Be on the same "wave length" as the people you communicate with

Learn to develop a deeper 'unconscious' rapport with people

Learn how to regain lost rapport and even how to break rapport!



Over Three Hours of Training Delivered 5 days a week. Simple and Easy to Learn. 

Take The 7 Day Special $1 Trial Offer. 
7 days for the special price of just $1. After a period of 7 days you will be billed at $67 and then monthly for two more payments.

Rapport Master requires Adobe Flash Player to view the daily training training videos. Daily training videos are sent five days a week, Monday to Friday including bank holidays. While I have worked hard to create this unique system and make its content easy to implement ultimately it is up to you to use the information contained within the system to gain results. Results will vary from person to person depending upon application. The term ĎMasterí is used here to describe a person skilled in rapport, within the framework of an occupation, art or science. For terms and conditions and privacy policy click on the links below.


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