Waking State Trance


  What is a 'waking state trance'? First, lets explore what direct overt hypnosis and indirect covert hypnosis are… 

     Direct authoritarian hypnosis is the kind of hypnosis that stage performers use. It is the type of Hypnosis that a hypnotist uses when they direct a person into trance. The fanciful swinging of a watch that is seen in the films is about 'fixation' of the attention. A stage hypnotist or practitioner performing overt direct hypnosis will have a person fixate their attention on an object and then continue to direct the person with suggestions to close their eyes, relax their body, walk down a set of stairs etc.  

     Covert conversational hypnosis is where a person is lead into a trance without overt suggestions. This could be in the telling of a story about a holiday, a massage or a relaxing experience and obtain eye closure in a covert fashion.

     Waking state trance is when the suggestions of the hypnotist are given and accepted without the formal trance.

     Has anyone ever told you something and you believed them? Well of course they have and of course you did. They offered a suggestion and you accepted that suggestion. A hypnotist will offer a suggestion that smoking is bad, the suggestion is accepted and the person stops smoking. There is no difference between somebody telling you that a film is good and you believing that suggestion, or a hypnotist suggesting to you that feeling confident is good and you accepting that suggestion and acting upon on it. A competent hypnotist will know how to pitch the suggestion just right so that it is accepted; so for that matter will a salesman. A close friend of yours can tell you something he or she has learnt and believes and the resistance of your conscious mind maybe bypassed resulting in your unconscious mind accepting the suggestion.  We are all using hypnosis on each other all the time, whether we realise it or not. Even when we do not verbally respond we are still communicating volumes.

     There are various techniques that can be used to ensure that the suggestions are accepted more readily. The gaining of Rapport is paramount (see my article: Rapport Magic, for an overview of Rapport) and the use of Embedded Commands (Analogue marking can be used to make the embedded commands more powerful). The use of ambiguous words and words that sound similar, marked out and embedded as commands, will go unnoticed and unchallenged by the conscious mind allowing ideas and concepts to be fed direct to the unconscious mind. Metaphor is a method of giving the mind a concept without directly referring to the specific example you wish to suggest. The more you direct a person towards a point of view the more the unconscious portion of the mind will become familiar with the new opinion. If pleasant emotions are associated with this new point of view it will seem appealing.

     To covertly elicit a 'state of mind' from someone, a state of interest for example, and then place your product or service into the thoughts of that person or group of people, will associate the feelings of interest with the product. This is something advertisers do all the time, the major brand names continue to spend hundreds of millions, billions even, on global advertising because it works!

      The more you can influence the unconscious portion of the mind the more you will see those influences manifested as actions and behaviours in the person or group of people.

Rapport Deepening Techniques using Meta Programs

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