At The Beach




You look at a spectator and they drop into a trance, while in the trance they experience your suggestions as if they are actually happening to them, and act accordingly! 


"To your volunteer your suggestions seem as real as anything else that is happening to them…"  

  • To begin with there is a rapid induction of trance, effortlessly performed by you.

  • Then you correctly predict 'Coconut' 

  • Next you have your volunteer act as if they can feel something, something that is not really happening to them.

  • Finally… you ask them to think of anything associated with a beach and you predict in advance what they will think of!

  A piece of magic, something that anyone can perform yet looks just like a real piece of hypnotic based suggestion or 'Mind Control', Mentalism or Magic. Complete with pseudo rapid hypnotic induction

"In summary - nice thinking, sir!"

Oliver Meech
Magician & Author


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